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Partnering with Crest Capital will increase your sales.

Crest makes it easy to offer your customers monthly payment options. We don’t require multi-million dollar annual volume commitments, and we work with any size equipment, vehicle, or software vendor. Your customers get the financing they want, and you still get paid in full right away - everybody wins.

Our partners not only sell more goods; our vendor programs also increase margins, improve sales cycle times, and can even help close sales months later. Supported by the industry's best team of professionals, our programs combine innovative finance tools with lightning fast turnaround - all at no cost to you.

It's easy to partner with Crest Capital.

Offering your customers payment options will benefit you greatly.

80% of your customer base wants financing.

It’s true - currently, more than 80% of all B2B equipment sales are financed. Offering payment options automatically keeps you in front of this group.

Offering financing does not mean waiting for payment.

With Crest Capital, you can offer attractive payment options like financing and leasing, while still getting paid in full right away. You make the sale, we take the risk.

Payment options are part of the decision making process.

Cash flow and cash reserves are more important to businesses than ever. Not offering financing means you are susceptible to losing these customers to finance-offering competitors.

Almost all equipment, vehicles, and software can be financed.

Crest Capital finances almost any type of capital equipment. If you sell to businesses, we’d like to talk to you.

Offering financing closes sales faster.

No more having customers hold up sales while waiting for the bank or other funding. Offering instant financing also takes “let’s see if we have the budget” out of the equation.

Offering payment options has become a form of marketing.

Obviously, offering a payment option is a good benefit to tout. But it can go further. Smart companies are tailoring custom, creative financing and lease programs to their clientele. And yes, Crest can do this for you.
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It's time you worked with a proactive finance partner who is focused on raising your sales.

Crest Capital offers you the experience, trust, and knowledge that come with 30+ years of helping our vendor partners increase revenues.

It all begins with the simple enrollment form. Upon completion, you'll be able to offer your customers the payment options they are looking for.


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